Family Grave

Those who have family graves don not only protect their ancestors from generation to generation, their families also protect the more than 600-year-old buddhist Temple. Several types of different stones can be choosen for their family grave. Recommended for people who's family boundaries are deeply important. The name of the whole family can be engraved on the front of the stone.

Why to choose this type?


*Special rates for annual events 

*Some events are free of charge


Right of participation in decisions regarding future plans of the temple


Taking the role as a protector of your own ancestors


Deep connection with the temple and its family

General family graves have various designs, as seen in the image above. For the burial, the stone in front is moved to the side. Modern tombs do not bury their bones in the ground, but store them in a small stone chamber underneath. Kongoji Temple will protect and maintain this graves as long as the temple exists.