Temple Stay

Old-fashioned Temple Stay

Leave the modern world behind and embark on a journey through living Japanese culture with a stay at Kongoji Zen Temple, where meditation and tradition take center stage. Experience the essence of Zen by spending a night within the main hall.

This experience will transport you back in time where the comforts of modernity fade into obscurity. Here, the simplicity reigns supreme. Forget about the luxuries you're accustomed to; there are no amenities, no mirrors, no air-conditioning to temper the elements. Instead, you'll embrace the authenticity of life itself.

Within the hallowed main hall you will slumber in the company of the temple's most revered Buddhist deity. Rest on traditional Tatami mats and feel the echoes of history. You will have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the soul of Zen. Engage in Zen Meditation at night, join the morning prayer with Sutra reading, and awaken your spirit with morning Zen Meditation.


03 pm                Check in
03:30 pm               Free Time (Only Yu Onsen, Dinner)
06:30 pm(60min)Shakkyo (Sutra copying)
07:30 pm(60min)Zen Meditation Introduction
08:30 pm(30min)Zanko(Short Meditation before going to sleep)
09 pm          Lights out

05:30 am(30min)Wake up time
06:00 am(30min)Morning Prayer
06:30 am(30min)Morning Zen Meditation

07:00 am(60min)Breakfast(Traditional Buddhist Meal)
08:00 pm(60min)Shakkyo (Sutra copying)
09:00 am     Check out

※If you would like to copy sutra in the morning or evening, please make a reservation. (¥ 1,000)
※Please be aware that there is no bath or shower at the temple lodge. Pamphlets of the nearby Hot Spring "Only Yu" are available.


Take a break from the stresses of everyday life and experience the tranquility of Japanese Zen in a safe environment. Immerse yourself in the treasures of Japanese culture, such as Buddhist statues, folding screens, and Sutra books, during a temple stay. This exclusive opportunity allows you to learn more about Zen Buddhism and live like the Zen priests of the past. During your stay, you will have the unique chance to enjoy breakfast with the head priest himself and engage in conversations about Zen, the temple's history, Buddhism, local customs, and more. A temple stay is not just lodging; it's a gateway to the past and a deep dive into Zen.


Please make a reservation

Experiences within the city

Warabe Jizo Trail
Warabe Jizo Trail
Kongoji Zen Temple's 'Warabe Jizo Trail' is similar to a scavenger hunt, where you search for a total of 11 Warabe Jizo statues within the temple grounds while solving riddles.

Use the provided map and clues to find all the 'Warabe Jizo' statues. Every participant will receive a small gift after finding all statues.

*To be able to purchase a special temple seal (Goshuin), you must participate in the 'Warabe Jizo Trail' and find all 11 'Warabe Jizo' statues.

Duration: 30min - 60min     Fee: 500 yen
Sutra copying
Since ancient times, it has been believed that by copying sutras, merit can be obtained.
You will write a short Buddhist Sutra (about 40 characters) in Japanese callygraphy called Juku Kannon Gyo.

The head preist will explain on how to copy a Sutra (how to write in calligraphy), and the meaning of each verse. In today's world, it only takes a moment to copy a letter using a photocopier, but you can experience the meaning and sense of fulfillment that comes with spending time and effort.
Prepare your posture and mind, feel the scent of polished ink and incense, and write each letter with a deep feeling of your wish. At the end, you may take a photo of the sutra you have copied, before dedicating it to the deity Kannon , where you will pray for the fulfillment of your wish.

Durration: 1 hour     Fee: 1,000 yen
Waterfall Meditation
After your stay, why not go on an adventure in Minami Ashigara City?
Feel the power of nature and refresh your body at the nearby Sunset Falls during a waterfall meditation experience. A pick up bus will bring you from the temple to the waterfall and back.
Waterfall Meditations can be made as a sport, for health reasons, or even spiritual purpose. Standing in the ice-cold water will take any room for distraction. You will learn to concentrate on your mind only.
One of the real pleasures of waterfall meditation is the feeling of becoming one with nature and a sense of accomplishment.

Things to take with you
  • 2 towels
  • Footwear that can get wet
  • Inner (t-shirt, underwear that can get wet)

Pick-up bus (after check-out)
10:10 am from November to April
09:10 am May-July/-September-October 
08:10 am Mid-July to August

Duration: 2 hours     Fee: 9,000 yen