Zen Meditation

Our weekly Zen Meditation session is open to beginners. Although held mainly in Japanese, we can provide an English Interpreter for free. After the meditation there is the opportunity for conversation and questions with the Zen priest. Please inform us beforehand if there is an interpreter needed.
[Beginner Class]
Date & Time You can choose the date and time of the Zen Meditation experience.
Member Fee Free
General Fee 1,000 yen
under 7 years old Free
  • Introduction
  • Zen Meditation (2x approx.10min)
  • QA-Time
[Intermediate Class]
Date Please check the schedule on our front page NEWS.
Time [Morning Meditation]
  06:30 AM~07:00 AM (30min)

[Evening Meditation]
  08:15 PM~09:15 PM (60min)
Member Fee Free
General Fee 500 yen
under 7 years old Free
  • Zen Meditation (Morning Class 1x 30min, Evening Class 1x 30min, 1x 25min)
  • There is no introduction on how to meditate for intermediate classes. 
  • You can take part in the morning service just before Zen Meditation starts. The morning service includes sutra reading and burning of incense.
[Venue]        Kongoji Zen Temple Main Hall
                           (Kano 433, Minami Ashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture)

[Reception]   N/A

[Fee]            Please put the meditation fee into the donation box at the main hall before or after the meditation.

[Clothes]        Workout clothes or Jerseys (No Jeans)